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Stephanie Limage - CEO, Founder & International Director


Stephanie is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur, international speaker, G20 YEA Canadian Delegate with an international background in media, R&D, film production, humanitarianism, innovation, human rights, technology & law. She is the Founder & CEO of several companies and media properties within Limage Media Group which includes an incorporated not for profit organization, The Limage Media Group Society which produces international award-winning social impact and media mentorship programs. Steph believes in using business and innovation as a way to create positive social change.

Stephanie spent half a decade living in Port Au Prince Haiti and has been working in Haiti for over nine years where she created a successful studio pilot project  (Nehemiah Records) for marginalized street youth and adults which has since stemmed into an award-winning international not for profit, under her group of companies Limage Media Group.

Within Limage Media Group Stephanie has created & developed several programs and courses. The programs are designed to come alongside & support the Haitian film and media industry by providing tools, training, media literacy as well as sustainable contract work. Many of these programs have now scaled internationally into Argentina & Canada reaching additional demographics such as her award-winning media international media mentorship program. 

In 2016 and 2017, Stephanie produced, directed and created a three-part educational documentary series titled ART TELEVISION ( The series features artists and movements from around the world and is currently streaming in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland on Amazon Prime Video. 

In 2008, she Co-founded, developed and managed a successful not for profit arts organization that has catered to marginalized and low-income families in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside as well as the BC Children's Hospital for the last ten years ( 

Stephanie is also the producer and creator of an art therapy program titled "Accessible Art" that caters to special needs children and young adults. Stephanie works with community stakeholders in Vancouver to come alongside patients and families at BC Children's Hospital to provide Accessible Art.

She is also the founder and editor of the Ottawa Arts News (, an independent online art news source in Canada's national capital region she created to support local and international emerging artists. Her objective is to continually develop her networks in the profit and not for profit sectors and learn from those she encounters to develop into a stronger leader.

Stephanie produces workshops, not for profit community events, live musical performances, open mic events, live painting events, live streaming (events + concerts), documentary films, TV spots in Haiti as well as Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec and most recently, Argentina.

In June 2015, Steph headed to Greece when she was awarded an artist residency to study painting and analogue photography. While there she commenced the production of a series of historical paintings she has been painting on Human Rights for her international "Revelation" series.

In May 2017, Stephanie headed to Buenos Aires Argentina after being invited for a residency and solo exhibition. While in Argentina Stephanie created a short documentary called "THE PEOPLE OF LA PLATA" featuring three unique local Argentinian artists. Stephanie also produced a new body of work titled "Snakes and Ladders" in Argentina that was showcased in her solo exhibition "LEJOS DE CASA" which featured her paintings and screened the short film she created there during her residency.

During her time in Buenos Aries, she also filmed a feature documentary film titled "FINDING RO BARRAGAN" which chronicles her time with an Argentinian printmaker and famous human rights street artist.


In 2018 Stephanie was selected as one of Canada's Top Entrepreneurs and represented Canada as a delegate at the G20 YEA in Buenos Aries Argentina where she expanded her Not For Profit work through the support of the G20 YEA. In 2019 Stephanie was selected as a delegate for the second time to represent Canada at the G20 YEA in Japan in May 2019 and for a third time in 2020 representing Canada as a delegate. Stephanie is also the creator of Give + Share software which she created to help mitigate risks during and after an urban humanitarian crisis.


Periodically, Steph spends time in South East Asia as well as Mainland China producing music and art since 2008. In May 2020 she graduated from Queens Law which will now to assist her with both local and international business relations. 

She was born in Selkirk Manitoba Canada and has five sisters and five brothers. Steph moved to Vancouver British Columbia Canada at age 19 and has since branched out internationally.

Stephanie's paintings, films and photography have been exhibited internationally & she has been invited to several international exhibitions over the years. In addition, Stephanie has been awarded scholarships, artist residencies, published several times for her international photography, booked as both an instructor, G20 YEA delegate and public speaker. She has also obtained international awards for her humanitarian work via the arts and received a bronze Stevie Award in the 2019 International Business Awards under the category, not for profit organization of the year, the award was presented in Vienna Austria. In addition, she was named "Woman of the year" for her not for profit contributions to society in the 2019 Stevie Awards held in NYC. In September 2020, Limage Media Group was named the winner of two Stevie® Awards in the 17th Annual International Business Awards®. Limage Media Group’s NPO division won another Bronze as Not For Profit of the Year (previously named NPO of the year in the 2019 awards in Vienna Austria) & a Silver Award for most valuable not for profit response during COVID 19 and Stephanie was named "Media Hero of The Year" taking home a Gold trophy in the 2020 Women in Business Awards. 


For media inquiries or speaking engagements click here.

Saamer Mansoor - Give + Share Mobile App Developer & R&D

Saamer graduated as an engineer from the University of Texas at Dallas and has lived in 4 countries and 7 different cities. He is a technical speaker in the Mobile App Development world and founded The First Prototype, a small business that specializes in Cross-platform app development. He led TFP to work on more than 30 different published apps, including ones with over a million downloads that reached top 5 on the Apple App Store. Saamer loves to promote STEM and was the IT Coach for FIRST High School teams in Denver and Toronto.

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Maureen Forster, M.Sc., EP - Fisheries & Wildlife - International Special Projects Advisor 
Maureen is a senior-level biologist with over 25 years of experience in fisheries biology, aquatic ecology, environmental assessment, project management and environmental consulting. She was previously employed by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as a researcher and fish habitat biologist. Her experience includes: the planning, design and implementation of field programs; aquatic habitat assessments; fish habitat compensation plans; application and adaptation of Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) models; instream flow assessments; Environmental Impact Assessments; sediment and erosion control planning and implementation; assisting clients in meeting applicable provincial and federal regulatory and permitting requirements; providing expert witness testimony; project management; and the production of technical reports. 


Maureen has worked on a number of projects in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and Siberia, Russia including instream flow needs studies; dam, reservoir and other water management studies; drainage and irrigation projects; water intake monitoring programs; wind power, roads, bridges, transmission line, oil and gas pipeline construction and monitoring; fish habitat compensation projects; sediment and erosion control planning; Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM) programs for mining projects; and Environmental Impact Assessments for large-scale open pit and SAGD oilsands mines, metals mines, forestry projects, wind power projects, transportation and water management projects.



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Ikeda Inoke - Motion Graphics & Special Projects - JAPAN

Inoke specializes in motion graphics for commercials and web, he also handles projects such as TV programmes from concept design to completion. In recent years he has been utilizing new technologies and interactive media to create work outside the field of traditional broadcasting.




Lauri Uchiyamaki - Compositor & Post Production - JAPAN

Lauri works in post-production as a compositor, editor and renderer. 




Patrice - Media Team Mentee & Logistics - HAITI

Patrice was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in May 1985. From a very young age, he developed a strong interest for photography and the arts in general. After studying Business in the Dominican Republic, he has returned to his motherland Haiti as an effort to give back to his country. He has participated in several charity events in order to help the underprivileged children of Port-au-Prince.


In his leisure time, Patrice can be seen roaming the mountains of Kenskoff, Jacmel or the wonderful beaches of Port-Salut. He loves to capture amazing shots for social media, which he believes will help restore the image of his country.


Patrice currently works in Sales and Marketing and it has been one of his greatest challenges as he has had to learn to work with a variety of diverse marginalized people's groups in Haiti with his position.




Peter D Marshall - Founders Personal Advisor & Coach

Peter is a filmmaker and directing coach from Vancouver, Canada. He has worked in the Film and Television Industry for over 40 years – as a Film Director, Television Producer, First AD and TV Series Creative Consultant. (IMDb credits)

Currently, he is working in China as the Directing Instructor at the Shanghai Vancouver Film School. He is also the author of the book “Making the Magic Happen: The Art and Craft of Film Directing” published by Michael Wiese Productions.

Peter has Directed over 30 episodes of Television Drama such as “John Woo’s Once a Thief”, “Wiseguy”, “21 Jumpstreet”, “Neon Rider”, “The Black Stallion”, “Scene of the Crime”, “Big Wolf on Campus” and “Largo Winch.”

As a First Assistant Director, he has worked on 12 Feature Films (including “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Happy Gilmore”, “The Fly II”); 17 Television Movies; 4 Television Series Pilots; 7 Television Series and over 20 Commercials.

He has also written, directed or produced over 50 hours of documentary and educational programs and his documentaries and dramas have won, or been nominated for, 14 International film awards.

Peter has worked for directors such as John Woo, Zack Snyder, Phillip Noyce, Ed Zwick, John Badham, Mark Rydell, Roger Vadim, Dennis Dugan, Anne Wheeler & Bobby Roth.

He has also worked with actors such as Peter O’Toole, Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Kathy Bates, Michelle Pfiefer, Marcia Gaye Harden, Madeleine Stowe, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Goldie Hawn, Judy Davis, Halle Berry and Adam Sandler.

In addition, Peter has also developed several filmmaking workshops that I have presented over the past 18 years (Canada, Malaysia, China, Haiti, Singapore, Dubai.) He came to Haiti to teach a film directing essentials workshop that Stephanie produced and visited the studios in Port Au Prince. Peter has been personally advising Stephanie since 2011.

In 1999, he created his website, ActionCutPrint where he publishes the free monthly ezine, “The Director’s Chair” which is read by over 2300 filmmakers around the world.




Savannah Massey - International Production Assistant & Voting Board Member

Savannah and Stephanie have been friends since they were 12 years old and have had many adventures together. It only made sense for them to continue to work together. Savannah serves on Limage Media Groups board of directors and also as a production assistant for international projects. Savannah is gifted in conflict resolution, account collections, production management, customer service and administration.  




Zorada Sanchez - Legal, Intellectual Property & Contracts - Vancouver HQ

Zoraida Sanchez is the Founder and CEO of CIPKWA and manages all of Limage Media Groups Legal, Copyright and Intellectual Property. She has an extensive legal background, including a Master of Law in Intellectual Property from Franklin Pierce Law Center in the USA, and more than 20 years of international experience as a Contracts and Intellectual Property Manager working in Latin America, the USA, and Canada, in English, French, and Spanish.

She has substantial international experience with drafting, evaluating, negotiating, and managing contracts, as well as acquiring, protecting, licensing, and managing IP rights. She also has significant practice in reviewing and evaluating commercial terms and conditions of domestic and international bid documents, RFPs, RFQs, proposals, and contracts dealing with private companies and government entities.

Zoraida has worked with interdisciplinary teams to identify and manage risks, and develop or update policies and procedures. In addition, she has considerable experience in dealing with dispute resolution matters and post-award contract issues.

She is a successful and creative negotiator who is able to lead both parties to successful resolution by creating customized solutions while proactively managing risk exposure. She has demonstrated excellent business acumen with the ability to present alternatives, propose solutions, and meet tight deadlines.

Over a period of several years, Zoraida was a member of the Externado University’s faculty of Law in Bogotá (Colombia), where she presented lectures and courses on IP, Commercial, and Contracts Law. Zoraida also prepared and presented lectures on IP and Strategic Software Management throughout South America, Panamá, and Costa Rica, sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA, formerly known as the Software Publishers Association, S.P.A.), IBM, and American Embassies.

She co-authored “El Régimen Andino de Propiedad Industrial” (Translated: “The Andean Industrial Property System”) with Manuel Pachón, published by Ediciones Jurídicas Gustavo Ibañez, in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1995. 




Ashford Sabastien Callender - DOP & Camera Operator - East Coast Canada

Ashford is a multidisciplinary artist who is gifted at community capacity building and being an all-around amazing guy to work with. He has a rich arts and cultural background and is a member of our east coast division. Ashford helps with crewing on the east coast of Canada as well as gear rentals. When he is not behind a camera you can find him creating new and amazing music. Steph and Ashford met while working on a fundraising campaign for the National Arts Centre in Ottawa back in early 2016. Ashford also sits on the steering committee for one of our media properties Ottawa Arts News. 




Terri  - Media Team Mentee - Latin America

Terri is based in Buenos Aires Argentina focusing on covering women's issues and the women's rights movement in Latin America. Terri is a single mom and new to the media and communications world but is learning very quickly. Terri is passionate about sharing the stories and struggles of Latin American women and also is a visual artist which makes her a natural at film production. She is a gifted watercolour painter and always ready for a new adventure or assignment. 




Dennis Calte -  Street Team Lead, Haiti

Currently, Dennis is being trained for the Port Au Prince street team security leadership role. Dennis assists ground teams and production crews in Haiti with logistics, security management. Dennis is not the kind of guy who likes to be on camera but prefers to work behind the scenes ensuring the safety of others and security during our ground operations in Haiti. 



Jesus Morales - Animation & Storyboard Art - Mexico

Jesus is gifted in life drawing, with an emphasis on the human figure, as well as perspective and cartoon style. He has amazing storytelling skills in print media and film. He also has a great overall understanding of 3D computer graphics (modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering). Jesus has a strong classical animation (2D) training.
His ability to work collaboratively while meeting our deadlines makes him a huge asset as he works well under pressure.

Jesus has a passion for film, comic books, animation and video games. Fluent in English, Spanish and basic Japanese. He is a Vancouver Film School Graduate as well as a drummer and sports enthusiast. He and Steph met in 2005 through the same community group and stayed in touch over the years to now collaborate on various client projects. 
Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Maya, Storyboard Pro, After Effects, Zbrush.
Windows, Mac, Linux.



Richard Silva - Ottawa Arts News Steering Committee - Ottawa

Richard is an established visual artist based in Ottawa Canada who sits on the steering committee for the Ottawa Arts News. The Ottawa Arts News is a not for profit Limage Media Group property that was created to support emerging artists in Ottawa in 2016. 


Tom O'Leary - Ottawa Arts News Steering Committee - Ottawa

Tom is an established visual artist based in Ottawa Canada who sits on the steering committee for the Ottawa Arts News. The Ottawa Arts News is a not for profit Limage Media Group property that was created to support emerging artists in Ottawa in 2016. 


Fadoua Amrou - Developer + Assistant to the CEO & Founder 

Fadoua graduated from Meredith College with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. After graduating, she worked in North Carolina for a few years. Currently works as a mobile app developer while providing administrative support to Limage Media Group's CEO & Founder with her hands in a variety of projects. Fadoua is fascinated by fashion and loves math as well as sports. She is passionate about social issues and mental health.


Rafael Santos -  Field Production Manager - Argentina

Rafael is an accomplished visual artist and environmentalist based in La Plata Buenos Aires Argentina. He has a long history of using his art as a way to share important messages about the environment and has been exhibited in many countries. Rafael manages field production in Argentina and has been a huge asset to our team. 

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