Digital Copy of Oct 15th 2020 G20 YEA Canadian Panel: Social Entrepreneurship for a Global Recovery

G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Supporting International Opportunities for Canada’s Young EntrepreneursAbout this EventPresented by Futurpreneur CanadaThe official Canadian representative to the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ AllianceThursday, October 15th at 3 pm PST a panel of Canada’s best and brightest social entrepreneurs, provincial stakeholders and leaders gathered, to discuss the ways in which entrepreneurial collaboration can create consequential impact for an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery in Canada and abroad.

Futurpreneur Canada is proud to be a founding member of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA), a global network of more than 500,000 young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. In advance of every G20 Leaders’ Summit, the G20 YEA brings together hundreds of the world’s top young entrepreneurs to advance youth entrepreneurship as a driver of economic growth, innovation and social change.

The Summit is an important opportunity for young entrepreneurs to join a network of champions for youth entrepreneurship, advising on critical issues, sharing ideas and proposing solutions. The G20 YEA Summit also offers an excellent opportunity for young entrepreneurs to advance their businesses, make international connections, and explore international growth.

The 2020 Summit theme was: “ Entrepreneurship as a source of innovation and resilience; for an inclusive, sustainable economic recovery post-COVID-19.”The event on October 15th will served as a precursor to the G20 YEA summit (Oct 29-30) by convening past and present delegates, stakeholders, and leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. By bringing together key stakeholders before the summit, we can kick off Canadian activities while ensuring a robust representation of our B.C. base and Western counterparts.

This event was an opportunity for delegates to lead the conversation on Canadian priorities that delegates will champion later in the month, culminating in the signing of the International Summit Communiqué. Various G20 YEA delegations will also be able to remotely attend the event, thus promoting Western Canada’s leading voice in social entrepreneurship to more entrepreneurs across G20 countries.

Panel speakers: Sean Condon: Managing Director at 312 Main; Founder of Megaphone Magazine

Andy Chou: Founder of Drinkfill & Soapstand; G20 YEA Canadian Delegate; international social entrepreneur

Sonam Swarup: Vancity Community Foundation Social Enterprise Development; Communications & Events at 312 Main

Dan Ouimet: Senior Vice President, External Engagement at Futurpreneur Canada; G20 YEA Canadian President

Bobby MacDonald: Manager of Community Engagement, Social Enterprise & Board of Directors Union Gospel Mission Vancouver

Sammy Zoerb: Business Development Manager, Indigenous Young Entrepreneurs, at Futurpreneur Canada for Alberta and British Columbia

Stephanie Limage: Founder and CEO of Limage Media Group; G20 YEA Canadian delegate; multi-award winning international social entrepreneur

Mégane Visette: Government Relations Specialist at Futurpreneur Canada; G20 YEA Canada Sherpa

Due to the impact, COVID-19 continues to have on our lives and our communities, and to support prevention measures, the panel was held virtually.

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