Status of Vancouver Meal Programs During COVID-19 Outbreak | Coordination of Mapping & Data

Thank you for your participation in helping the community to unite during the pandemic and for the valuable work you are doing!

Limage Media Group has volunteered to develop and manage a public google map tracking the status of free and low-cost meals in Vancouver during the COVID-19 outbreak. This map platform is similar to the VCH Food Asset map that you may already be familiar with, but the goal is for it to be kept updated to reflect the current status of meal programs as programming adjusts throughout this emergency. Limage Media Group has already been connecting with several DTES meal providers, as well as staff at the City of Vancouver, to coordinate efforts in developing this map.

Goals are that the map will:

  1. Provide an up-to-date source of info for people who need free/low-cost meals,

  2. Reduce the number of individual requests for status updates that meal providers are currently receiving (as requests for info can be directed to the map), and

  3. Inform community-led and City-led emergency responses to food security concerns.

To achieve these goals, we are requesting that meal providers share information (including the status of your program and needs) with the map manager (Limage Media Group) on a daily basis or whenever a program’s status changes.

On a daily basis, status updates provided before 5pm will be collated by Limage Media Group, and the map will then be updated to reflect any changes in status or needs.

How To Provide Updates On Meal Program Status

There are a few different ways you can provide these updates with ease, as outlined below. Please find which one works best for your organization:

  1. Limage Media Group has created a WhatsApp Group for organizations providing low-cost and free meal programs in Vancouver, you can join and provide your updates here (click link or scan QR code at right to join) -

  1. You may iMessage or text message Steph, Limage Media Group CEO and Founder your updates at 604-367-0306 before 5pm daily or whenever the status of your program changes.

  1. You may email your updates before 5pm daily or whenever the status of your program changes -

  1. Have another idea that would work better for your organization? (EG: are you already posting your status to a website or social media?) Let Steph know at one of the contact methods above.

A link to the map can be found here, or you may share the bit.Ly link

Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress, your participation is vital in order for us to keep this information up to date. Additional NGO’s & ORG’S are being added to this map daily, if you see something missing, please contact Stephanie using one of the provided methods to add/complete missing information.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out!

Thank you for your participation it will help us all to sustain through these challenges and also find creative solutions to support one another.

Want to embed the map into your website or webpage? Here is the code! Feel free to share the map!

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

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