In Production | A Limage Media Group Society Documentary on Invasive Species

Urban Habitat Restoration, Protection & Rehabilitation is a short documentary film we have been producing about invasive species such as Carp in Vancouver's Urban parks, habitats and watersheds. We spent the weekend documenting the ambisonic sounds of nature for an immersive 3D audio experience!

Maureen Forster is the mother of Limage Media's Founder Steph Limage, Maureen also sits on the board of Directors for the Limage Media Group Society and is a voting board member. Maureen is providing expert testimony and an interview in this documentary as a senior biologist.

Maureen is the owner of an environmental consulting firm and fresh water fisheries biologist with over 30 years of experience ( Maureen has devoted her life to protecting the habitats of animals, fish and first nations water rights.

This short documentary film will educate people off all ages about the importance of protecting our urban habitats & watersheds as well as the harmful environmental impacts of invasive species.

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