Limage Media Welcomes New Board & Core Team Members

We are thrilled to announce some amazing new board and core team members to the Limage Media Group family. Some have been subcontractors for a few years while others are previous co-workers from the Canadian Media & Broadcasting Industry. You can read their biographies below or visit our advisory board and core team page.


Zorada Sanchez - Legal, Intellectual Property & Contracts ​ Zoraida Sanchez is the Founder and CEO of CIPKWA and manages all of Limage Media Groups Legal, Copyright and Intellectual Property. She has an extensive legal background, including a Master of Law in Intellectual Property from Franklin Pierce Law Center in the USA, and more than 20 years of international experience as a Contracts and Intellectual Property Manager working in Latin America, the USA, and Canada, in English, French, and Spanish.

She has substantial international experience with drafting, evaluating, negotiating, and managing contracts, as well as acquiring, protecting, licensing, and managing IP rights. She also has significant practice in reviewing and evaluating commercial terms and conditions of domestic and international bid documents, RFPs, RFQs, proposals, and contracts dealing with private companies and government entities.

Zoraida has worked with interdisciplinary teams to identify and manage risks, and develop or update policies and procedures. In addition, she has considerable experience in dealing with dispute resolution matters and post-award contract issues.

She is a successful and creative negotiator who is able to lead both parties to successful resolution by creating customized solutions while proactively managing risk exposure. She has demonstrated excellent business acumen with the ability to present alternatives, propose solutions, and meet tight deadlines.

Over a period of several years, Zoraida was a member of the Externado University’s faculty of Law in Bogotá (Colombia), where she presented lectures and courses on IP, Commercial, and Contracts Law. Zoraida also prepared and presented lectures on IP and Strategic Software Management throughout South America, Panamá, and Costa Rica, sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA, formerly known as the Software Publishers Association, S.P.A.), IBM, and American Embassies.

She co-authored “El Régimen Andino de Propiedad Industrial” (Translated: “The Andean Industrial Property System”) with Manuel Pachón, published by Ediciones Jurídicas Gustavo Ibañez, in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1995.


Maritza Herrera - Support Worker & Advocate ​ Maritza is a mental health and addictions front line support worker and advocate who serves First Nations communities as well as women fleeing domestic abuse on Vancouver Island. She has worked as an intake worker at transition houses and holds professional designation for her support work. She counsels many women who are at risk and understands trauma as well as the cycles of violence and poverty. She came as a refugee to Canada from El Salvador in the early 1980's and has a deep understanding of human nature. She is an amazing cook and if you spend a weekend with her you are sure to put on a few pounds from all of the delicious food. She uses her love for cooking as a form of therapy and building community within the transition house.


Melissa Monroe - Media Specialist ​ Melissa is a media guru and creative director with over 16 years of television broadcasting experience. She is a graduate from the BCIT broadcasting program. For 14 years she held the position at the mast head of a creative team at Joytv BC as the creative director. She also developed ZoomerMedia's various media properties leading all forms of television broadcasting as well as a plethora of campaigns, television productions, writing for television as well as editing. She is an expert media consultant and is continually growing in her career and talents within broadcast media. Stephanie and Melissa met while working together at ZoomerMedia in early 2017 and produced television commercials together.

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