Media Job Creation in Haiti

I was able to train 3 separate teams how to use the new equipment and got them working on a project called Ghetto News where they come up with one episode per month. When the episode is delivered they are paid for their episode. It is a work in progress for sure but it is amazing to see them using the new tools to create art, create new employment opportunities and carve out a sustainable future producing and creating media in Haiti. Now when I need a news crew to get a story I can activate a local media cluster and send a crew. When there is a special event, concert or press confrence I can send a crew. The options are endless!

I wanted you to see some of their work so that is why I created Ghetto News so we can watch them grow and develop. You may have seen one of the correspondent’s episodes already, please bare in mind it is in a BETA phase and they are just starting out! I will link the work below in this post.

Here is a slideshow of a few behind the scenes images from the mission.

We will be building on the base more and more but for now this is a really amazing launching pad to a new phase of my vision and I honestly cannot wait to see where it goes from here. We are able to expand out of just doing music production and recording at the main studio into visuals and grassroots journalism and create more jobs! Thanks to all of our lovely supporters for joining together to make this happen!

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