Totes For Goats / Feed A Family in Haiti

What on earth is TOTES FOR GOATS? It is exactly how it sounds, your purchase of a Tote Bag via goes toward the purchase of a goat for a family in Haiti. I also have a promo for Leggings that provides Goats as well!

Why Goats? It is the gift that keeps on giving like a hen, if you use it for its milk OR you can simply use MR or MRS goat to feed many tummies, that is a decision the family decides when they receive their goat.

How do I choose a family? I have worked with artists in Haiti since the 2010 Earthquake, I have developed personal relationships with artists in the most vulnerable areas of Port-au-Prince. As you know it is common for several people to live in one "home" in Haiti, a goat ends up feeding the family, the neighbours and their friends. We sometimes give the goat to a community leader, like a pastor or priest, it all depends on where in the city for that delivery! The need is great!

I also have experienced how many hungry tummies one goat can feed, rode in the back of trucks with them to churches in Haiti. Seen the blessing of a goat! Supporting the local Haitian Goat breeders and community. A Win Win!

When I send a goat I also include: rice, beans, fuel for the fire to cook it, plates, drinks, transport and an accountability report / realtime goat news (the delivery in Haiti, the result, geo tagged images).

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