Four Creative Years in Haiti By Steph Limage

June 10th 2014, Four Creative Years in Haiti:In 2010 when the earth shook in Haiti it led me to it with a force that has kept my heart engaged and remaining in its presence over the past four years . The way I viewed the country when I initially entered it is so completely different than how I view it today. Maybe I came to rescue Haiti like thousands of others with good intentions, but I wasn't wearing a matching T shirt or part of a large organization to bring relief .

I am an artist ,and what I have encountered in Haiti is a mystical artistic pull that keeps me coming back for more. you can say its the culture, you can say its the food ...but really its a vast culmination of many different aspects that keep me captivated with this beautiful country that feels more like home to me than my original home and place of birth, Canada.

The strength of the Haitian people is some thing I admire more than words can express. I have suffered with them through the good and the bad. I have learned what real community is about and giving when you have nothing left to give. I have learned that life is worth more than these mere material possessions that we accumulate and that true happiness is found in the most unlikely of places. The Haitian people have humbled me, they have shaped me and while it seems the country wrestles to re-brand its self from years of hardship I feel the ugly part of haiti also has a deep beauty that I capture in my paintings & photos.

We do not need a serious marketing campaign to re-brand the nation, what we need is open minded people to take the opportunity to experience it without all of the pre-conceived ideas the media has positioned them to think. We are all part of a global community, connected with technology and bleed the same red blood, there is no need to marginalize this nation any longer, the beauty in my art work and photos is from this mystical place and speaks for its self....that is something that can not be has to be experienced.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to film, photograph and paint haiti, whether thats from a helicopter with my lens ,my easel and paints in the Palace San Souci or the beaches of the Cormier Plage. There is just some thing about Haiti for me as an artist I needed and long for when I am away from it .

In world of product placement and exchange of services agreements one can get lost in the redundant monotony and hustle of it all . Haiti is a tropical paradise with a rich vibrant culture and history that no marketing campaign can ever fully capture.... you simply have to experience it.




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