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Programs, Courses & Lectures










Ghetto News International 


Currently offered in Vancouver BC. Canada, Haiti & Argentina, created, produced and delivered by The Limage Media Group Society INC. 

Ghetto News International is an award-winning media mentoring program designed & created by Steph Limage to train marginalized individuals in digital media production while providing a fair wage for their creative work while they are in the mentorship program. The objective is to have program participants graduate and have ongoing sustainable employment through one of Limage Media Group's companies. This process can take several months or years depending on the participants. Ghetto News International media mentorship provides opportunities and employment to individuals who are not able to obtain employment in the creative sector due to various barriers. We work with individuals who have been deported to Haiti as well as individuals who suffer from PTSD or are fleeing abuse in Latin America - i.e. Argentina & Brazil. We focus our work within these regions because there are very little crisis supports available and in some instances non-existent.

To learn more about the program and to find out how you can sponsor a program participant or program cycle, please contact us. 





Introduction to Human Rights  - Know your rights & how to enforce them - (Delivered in a Lecture Format with Q&A).



Currently offered in Vancouver BC. Canada, created, produced and delivered by Stephanie Limage.


Learn the fundamentals of your Human Rights in BC under the BC Human Rights Code. Learn the basic infrastructure on how you file a complaint in BC, how you protect yourself & your rights under the Human Rights Code - i.e. - Wage Discrimination based in sex, & sexual harassment. Learn how to document your evidence, make a plan to protect yourself and best practices. This lecture is ideal for anyone who is looking for more insight into this area of  Human Rights Law & Legislation to become better equipped and informed. 


Contact us for cost, registration, location and upcoming dates. 




Accessible Art


Accessible Art is an Art Therapy Workshop produced, developed and created by Artist Stephanie Limage for children and youth who live with complex medical, physical and developmental needs. This workshop is ideal for children who have conditions affecting physical, motor or sensory development or have acquired a brain injury, prenatal exposure to alcohol or other drugs, cerebral palsy, or autism. The unique nature and complexity of their needs may make it difficult to find all the support they need at home or in their community which is where art can play a vital role in development. 
This workshop is used as a conduit to make art accessible for all and break down barriers while producing art! 
During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to produce an individualized self-curated assisted collaborative art piece with the workshop producer and fellow volunteer artists. 
This Workshop is currently held in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver by request. Individual or Group Sessions are available. 
Please contact us for more information on upcoming dates. Currently, Accessible Art is run as an annual program at the BC Children's Hospital,

Sunny Hill Health Centre For Children but reserved for inpatients and outpatients only. We have a special event coming up for BC Culture Days that is open to the general public, you can register and find out more by clicking here!


























Social Responsibility and The Arts - Impacting The World Through Art - Eight-Week Course.

Currently offered at the Ottawa School of Art Downtown Campus or by request, created, developed & delivered by Steph Limage.


In this course, students will learn hands-on how they can positively impact the world as well as others through their art and creative gifts. Students will be learning and producing an arts event fundraiser based on a template that can be replicated anywhere in the world to help others in the future through their art. At the end of the course, students can invite their friends and family to the art fundraiser event they produced during the course. The event is an opportunity for students to show off their newly honed skills as well as a collaborative art piece produced during the course while giving back to the local community!


What to Expect:

•    Students will have the opportunity to create a collaborative community art piece with other participants utilizing multiple artistic disciplines such as digital media, painting, stencilling, drawing, event production + planning, event marketing + fundraising 101 and much more!


•    Students will be able to learn hands-on with other course participants how to put together their very own art show fundraiser while learning to harness the power of artistic collaboration. Proceeds of the fundraiser directly benefit the OSA’ s Scholarship Fund that provides resources for students who do not have the financial means to attend the OSA.


•    Students will learn about Social Responsibility and what it means to put your art into action. During the course, students will be putting on and producing their very own collaborative art fundraiser event that they can invite their friends and family to at the end of the course!


•    Students will walk away with a template for arts outreach + fundraising that they can reproduce in their communities, schools and beyond!


Contact us for cost, registration, location and upcoming dates. 





Introduction to Artist Marketing + Digital Media Production - Five Week Course.

Currently offered at the Ottawa School of Art Downtown Campus or by request, created, developed & delivered by Steph Limage.


- An introductory hands-on results-oriented course in artist marketing and digital media production to get you launched into the next stage of your career. Walk away at the end of the course with an established online presence as well as a web-based portfolio you can manage and continually develop independently. 


Contact us for cost, registration, location and upcoming dates. 






Currently offered in Vancouver BC Canada, created, produced and delivered by Arturo Rosales.


This 1-day workshop will cover the equipment and programs you will need to mix inside the Pro Tools Interface on Mac. We will also cover the proper monitor speaker systems you will need for your audio engineering. Learn how to Troubleshoot mixes and how to mix music tracks from scratch. We will provide you with editing tips using effects, such as; EQ,  compression, reverb and delay. After this workshop, you will also have a basic understanding of how to build a mix, check a mix and bounce a mix properly for CD, MP3 + Flac formats.


Contact us for cost, registration, location and upcoming dates. 






Currently offered in Vancouver BC Canada, created, produced and delivered by Arturo Rosales.


This 2-day hands-on workshop will teach you how to properly record yourself, and your band. We will cover the basic recording equipment you will need and how to properly use them in multiple scenarios on any equipment budget. This 2-day program will cover Recording techniques and tips for the most popular instruments in a band such as; Drums, acoustic/electric guitar, keys, bass and vocals. We will also teach you how to set up a basic home studio and how to get the most out of your space on a budget.


Contact us for cost, registration, location and upcoming dates.