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We desire to inspire, create, produce & engage :)

Below you will find a list of our companies as well as our independently produced media properties & social impact programs.

Journalist Desk

Technology, Innovation & Humanitarianism 

  • Give + Share Humanitarian Software, International 

  • Vancouver Emergency Food Services Map

  • Love Revolution Haiti, Humanitarian Consulting & Aid

  • Limage Media Group Society, International

  • International Media Mentorship, Argentina & Haiti

  • Crab Park Vancouver Tent City Outreach & Needs Analysis 

Independent Documentary Films & Television Series 

  • Elevator Not Accessible, Vancouver (in production)

  • Art Television, International

  • Aboriginal Land Title, Amending the Constitution of Canada

  • The Man Behind Much Music, International

  • Finding Ro Barragan, International

  • Love Amongst The Ruins, International

  • Voices of Haiti, International

  • Personajes de La Plata, International 

  • Generification, a Vancouver story

  • Protecting & Restoring Nature Within Urban Ecosystems, Vancouver

  • Visual Mix Tape, International

Visual Art & Community Engagement 

  • The Polaroid Project, International

  • Pop Up Positivity, International 

  • Help-Portrait Vancouver

  • Limage Animation Studios, Canada & Japan Co-Production

  • Accessible Art, Canada

  • Ottawa Arts News

Independent Music Production

  • Nehemiah Records, International 

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