Ghetto News International | Mentorship & Skills Development


Currently offered in Vancouver BC. Canada, Haiti & Argentina, created, produced and delivered by Love Haiti Revolution & Nehemiah Records under the Limage Media Group umbrella. 

Ghetto News International is a media mentoring program designed & created by Steph Limage to train marginalized individuals in digital media production while providing a fair wage for their creative work while they are in the mentorship program. The objective is to have program participants graduate and have ongoing sustainable employment through one of Limage Media Group's companies. This process can take several months or years depending on the participants. Ghetto News International provides opportunities and employment to individuals who are not able to obtain employment in the creative sector due to various barriers -  i.e. Individuals who have been deported to Haiti, Individuals who suffer from PTSD or are Fleeing Abuse.


To learn more about Ghetto News International and our upcoming invitation for tender with potential blockchain partners to showcase our financial inclusion model and ethical payments to our program participants please contact us

Limage Media Group Society | British Columbia Canada 


Our social enterprise arm The Limage Media Group Society provides financial aid via awards (bursaries and scholarships) and grants programs to qualifying groups and/or individuals. We also develop and fund special community projects (art, media literacy & film production workshops) in the Province of British Columbia. 


Awards are distributed through juried candidate selection as resources become available on a case by case basis or an open call for applications is distributed/advertised. Awards may also be given in the form of "exchange of services" i.e. knowledge transfer, equipment, tools, time, consulting, courses or workshops.


We also develop and fund special community projects (art, media literacy & film production workshops).

We share our knowledge with selected community arts groups, educational institutions, individuals, media groups and other community stakeholders from marginalized and underrepresented communities (First Nations, LGBTQ, Women, Immigrants, Visible Minorities & Refugees). If selected, we facilitate cooperation between community groups and individuals to focus on media literacy, mentorship (film production, media or arts) i.e. contract placement with partner organizations, companies or individuals through educational awards, scholarships or grants.


All applications are juried and have specific requirements for eligibility. 


For more information on our programs or awards for residents of British Columbia please contact us. 

Haiti Conduit Production Grant | Nehemiah Records

Si ou gen yon film kout, ou yon mizik videyo ke ou vle pwodwi?

Aplike pou yon sibvansyon (prè gratis) pou pwodiksyon!



Have a short film or music video you want to produce? 


We come alongside Haitian artists, pre-existing institutions or programs to provide the tools + training and provide artists with the means to produce their artistic vision. 



The grant is focused on producing results while maintaining local culture and traditions.


Our goal is to equip local artists in Haiti with the tools they need to produce their own stories while supporting the film and media industry in Haiti and providing jobs as well as opportunities within the country through the grant. 


The goal of distributing the grant is to build up a new and existing generations that will preserve the Haitian culture, history and it's traditions through film and digital media production.


On our end, we are behind the scenes to equip and provide tools as well as distribution platforms. The locals we serve and their leadership are the stars. The program and grant exist to come alongside talented individuals who are passionate about film and digital media production to realize their artistic vision by accessing our support. 


We are a group of artists and work with and for artists. We only bring in qualified industry professionals with a clean and transparent track record from diverse backgrounds which consist of local Haitian crew members and Canadian artists & filmmakers. We are always looking for like-minded artists to join our crews and collaborate on projects that create social impact. 


If you are an artist, registered charity, not for profit society or educational institution in Haiti that would like to apply for a Limage Media Group Conduit Production grant please note that we only accept applications for this program twice per year. 


Please contact us for more information.


Applications are currently open and close on June 1st, 2019. 


Successful applicants will be notified on July 1st, 2019. 


The grant & production services will become available in August 2019 for pre-production planning. 


The grant must be used by November 1st 2019. 


The grant covers 2 days of full production crewing (8 hour days) and pre and post production services (10 hours). 


Artists retain all copyright and rights to their work.

Artists must be residents of Haiti.