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Limage Media CRM Consulting & Services in Vancouver , Haiti & the Dominican Republic:

Are you missing the critical link in your business? CRM is a game changer for any business, regardless of size.


Limage Media's CRM consulting team in Vancouver,Haiti & Dominican Republic are experts at helping business owners and their staff get organized, work more productively, gain insight into their business, and track the return on their sales & marketing dollars. We do this efficiently and affordably for businesses of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to larger corporations.


We’ll train you and your staff to easily track and generate reports on your marketing campaigns, leads, contacts & sales opportunities. CRM will enable you to close more sales, gain insight into your business that you never thought possible, and make administrative tasks and follow-ups quick & easy. Your customers will love the new level of service they’ll get and you’ll love how little time it takes to deliver it, through instant access to the right information in your CRM system.


We make CRM painless ,affordable and will integrate your sales, marketing, customer service and all related administration, document management, email and more. We can do this through one cloud-based (web-based) CRM system that’s easy to use and is accessible from any location worldwide, using your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android mobile phone. We can also integrate your web forms and marketing campaigns, allowing you to track your leads from lead source, to campaign, to sales opportunity, to closed sale.


We’ll help you set up a new CRM system, or migrate your data from an existing CRM system that’s difficult to use, expensive to maintain, or not living up to your expectations; to one that is affordable, easily customizable  to your business, and easy to use. We specialize in the setup, integration and training & have over 7 years of industry experience implementing CRM systems for small to medium sized businesses.


Why CRM? 


  • Boosts your revenue by generating targeted leads

  • Allows you to close more sales and helps you retain more customers

  • Creates one central location to store and retrieve key customer information

  • Tracks the entire prospect or client history from initial email, web or phone lead; to sales opportunity, to won or lost sale

  • Allows companies to build operational efficiencies into their businesses that scale as the company grows

  • Provides unprecidented visibility into your business to make the right decisions at the right time

  • CRM facilitates the integration of sales, marketing & customer service:


  • Market to new prospects

  • Build client relationships

  • Nurture & retain existing client relationships

  • Entice former clients back into the fold

  • CRM enables marketing to more accurately target your customers & prospects with the right message, to the right audience, at the right time to generate more qualified leads


  • Helps your sales team (or just you) to close more sales

  • Easily tracks the ROI on your marketing campaigns so you know which leads and contact sources are making you money

  • CRM allows you to increase productivity & easily access key information


  • Centralize information

  • Reduce redundancy

  • Manage time & tasks with automated reminders

  • Manage leads & sales opportunities easily and strategically

  • Get a holistic view into your business to adjust processes & tactics to stay on target

  • CRM builds efficiencies, accountability & repeatable processes across your entire organization, large or small


Sales force automation (SFA) – streamlines all phases of the sales cycle, minimizing the time that sales representatives need to spend on each phase.

  • Marketing Automation – identify and target potential clients and generate leads through automated drip/responder campaigns.

  • Customer Service – create cases to assign and manage requests made by customers and resolve in a timely manner.

  • Executives & Management – receive in-depth business insight, intelligence & reporting to keep an eye on critical targets & metrics.


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