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  • Full production crewing is available for Haiti, Vancouver, Quebec and Ottawa as well as international crewing for additional locations and regions. Both Arturo (Audio Engineering & Mixing both film, television and music) and Stephanie (Director, Producer, Art Department & Editing for film and television) are available for production consulting and work on union and non-union productions in the lower mainland as well as internationally. Steph and Arturo come as an audio-visual pair and crew out based on your needs or the scale of your project. Ashford Callender is available for Eastern Canada productions only with a key emphasis on crewing in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. 
  • All gear rentals and crew dispatch are based out of Vancouver BC, Canada.
  • We are able to provide crews for international projects and humanitarian coverage within reasonable timeframes & notice for deliverables (48 Hours With the exception of crew blackout dates). 
  • Please note that you require liability insurance for all gear rentals and productions with or without crewing.
  • Contact us for our rate cards or for a specialized estimate. Please note we do not consult on projects with no clear scope of work or budget.