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Limage Media Group is a group of social impact companies and media properties under one banner including a multi-award-winning not-for-profit organization.

We believe in using business to create positive social change and impact.

We provide full production & creative services, social impact & humanitarian consulting, R&D, strategy development & implementation, mentorship, job creation, education, tools and training. We originated in Vancouver BC Canada in 2008 as an artist collective and evolved into Limage Media Group after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. We are headquartered in Vancouver Canada and have established hubs in Port au Prince Haiti, La Plata Buenos Aires Argentina and Ottawa Canada. Through versatility and innovation, we provide sustainable social impact solutions as well as employment for marginalized individuals which fosters social change and leads to an exit from the cycle of poverty. 

We are firm believers in proof of concept, we value hard work and sustainability. 

Small Beginnings

In 2010, owner and founder Steph Limage moved to Haiti and established a studio and team in Port Au Prince. She set up our hub in Haiti while living and working with the local urban youth as well as adults in the slums and tent cities of Port Au Prince for nearly half a decade.  Stephanie’s objective was to provide and create sustainable jobs for marginalized Haitian talent through education, empowerment and digital media literacy.

Social Impact

Today Limage Media Group provides contract jobs for marginalized individuals in Haiti & Argentina through our award-winning international Media Mentorship Program. We also run annual not-for-profit programs in Vancouver, BC Canada.

Our objective is to alleviate poverty and suffering through a sustainable platform of self-empowerment while providing mentorship and quality work to our partners in Canada, Haiti, Argentina and beyond. Stephanie moved back to Canada to scale Limage Media Group after spending five years full-time in Haiti. We have had active programs in Haiti for twelve years and Haiti will always remain a top priority.

We accomplish our objectives through human capital investment such as workshops, ongoing knowledge transfer, outsourcing, subcontracting and skills development for marginalized artists. We also increase public awareness and provide access to the arts, media, media tools, production tools, workshops and media literacy for the residents of British Columbia Canada.

The Team

We are a diverse team of talented consultants, innovators and artists with decades of experience behind us. Together we possess the creative vision needed to make your projects a success. We are experts at finding solutions to the most challenging problems relating to your community and social impact projects while providing international & local humanitarian consulting services. 



We share our knowledge with & partner with community arts groups, educational institutions, individuals, media groups and other community stakeholders from marginalized and underrepresented communities (IBPOC, LGBTQIA+, Women, Immigrants, Minorities & Refugees).


We facilitate cooperation between community groups and individuals as well as media literacy, mentorship (film production, media or arts) i.e. contract placement with partner organizations, companies or individuals through educational awards, scholarships, internships or grants. 


You can rest assured that when you work with us you are impacting lives through business. 

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